Le Ella Lanes

1428 U.S Rout 22 NW
Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
(740) 335-2580

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Flaming Pins

Great Balls A Fire

Starts September 7th
Bowl@ 6:30 on Thursday
3 people per team
men & women,any combination
Caution: This league contains teams that have lots of fun!


Saturdays at LeElla Lanes Youth Leagues

Youth League Registration September 9th 11:00-3:00
Youth Leagues start September 16 th

Fall Leagues ready to form!
New bowlers and teams welcome! We have something for everyone!

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Sunday Mixed Couples
2 men and 2 women to a team
Bowl @ 6:00

Starts September 10th

Prime Timers Senior League
Starts August 28th
Bowl Monday @ 1:00 pm
4 to a team
men & women(any combination)

Monday Trio
3 people to a team
bowl Monday @ 6:30 pm

Starts September 11th

Tuesday Night Ladies
Starts August 22th
3 Ladies per team
bowl@ 6:30 pm

Tuesday Commercial Men
5 men per team

Starts August 29th @ 6:00 pm

Wed Night Ladies
Starts August 23th
Bowl@ 6:00 pm
5 women per team

Youth/Adult League

Bowl @ 8:30 am
1 adult/1 youth per team
Starts September 16th

Mouse League
Bowl @10:00 am
ages 5-11
3 - 4 youth to a team

Starts September 16th

Wild Bunch League
Bowl@ noon
ages 12-18
3-4 teens to a team

Starts September 16th


Friday Night Men
3 men to a team
bowl@ 7:00 pm

Starts August 18th